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Online Services

Online Banking
STJ Federal Credit Union offers 24-hour access to your account information from any place in the world with CU click internet access. CU click  is a secure site in which you as member’s are able to:
  • Check Account Balance
  • Inquire on Account History
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts
  • Order Checks and View New Styles
  • Change Your Personal Access Password
  • Pay Bills
  • And much more........

Our Online Account Access is easy, secure and just can't get more's FREE!!!! If you haven't done so already, Sign Up For Online Banking Today.

Online Bill Pay
We also offer Bill Pay to our members.  You must be enrolled in Online Banking to be eligible for E-Bill Pay.   And just like Online banking, you can pay bills from any computer, anywhere.
Bills can be paid from your checking account.  You can pay as many bills as you like from your checking account. 
To sign up for Bill Pay, simply login to Online Banking above and click on Pay Bills. 
Bill pay is a free service to members that pay at least 2 bills per month.

Not signed up for Online banking?  Sign Up For Online Banking Today.

Click here for a Demo

If you have an internet-capable smartphone, and you want to be able to view our OnLine site optimally on your mobile device, you will soon be able to do that.  If you’re viewing our regular site, you can click the “Go Mobile” button above the login area to access our mobile-friendly site.
Do you need to transfer some funds on the go?  How about seeing if a check cleared or making a loan payment? This innovation allows you to log into your SJFCU OnLine account with greater ease and makes it more readable when viewed on your mobile device.  All this and still giving you all the important functions and features of SJFCU OnLine.
Note: If you haven’t yet signed up for SJFCU OnLine, you will have to do that before using our mobile site. Sign up.

To download the app click on the link to your app store below:

CardNav enables you to manage and protect your MasterDebit card with ease. You control how, when and where your debit card may be used with CardNav. Go to our CardNav page for more information and a video on what CardNav is all about.


Phone Banking!
Similar to our online banking service, our phone banking program CUdial allows you to check balances, transfer money and see what checks have cleared. It’s a great service to keep in touch with your accounts when online or mobile access isn't an option. Simply call 330-478-9838.

Money Management Software
Our online or mobile MoneyDesktop money management software makes it easy to improve your financial future. When in online banking click on MoneyDesktop to show where spending has occurred, create realistic budgets, create a plan to get out of debt faster and incorporate all of your accounts (even those not with STJ) all in one place. The best part, this service is free to all STJ members. Don’t delay and get on the road to financial success today.

Get Started:

  • Log into CU Click (online banking)
  • Click on My MoneyDesktop from the left side panel
  • Click get started
  • Download Money Mobile App on your cellular device
  • Go back to your PC & Click on settings in top right corner (icon looks like a gear)
  • Fill in profile tab
  • Click on Mobile Devices and click on Generate Access Code
  • Return to your mobile device and click get started
  • Type in Access Code that is on your computer
  • Click submit